Special Offer

We are excited to offer Pop-Warner teams, Coaches, families’ or players the ability to chip in to purchase all of the game photos of their team per week. For $100 per team, per game, we’ll provide the purchaser one CD with 4x6 high quality photos of all game photos shot for the game requested, to share with the entire team.

Each CD will contain:

  • Game photos we post online of your team for the specified game
  • A copyright waiver so that you and your team may print photos at your favorite photo processing center
  • A link to the online gallery where your photos are posted
  • We may also include additional photos and/or discount coupons to purchase items from srphotos.net 

Our commitment to you - we’ll do our very best to take photos of every player. As there are situations where shooting may be difficult such as: night games, rain, fog, and snow; we cannot guarantee photos of each and every player. In the event that a game is rained out, or we are unable to shoot high quality photos, we may not be able to provide photos for that game. With that in mind, we won’t accept payment for a game prior to the game being photographed.
What happens if you want photos larger than 4x6? You may purchase larger prints and/or digital files at 

What do you need to do?

  • Contact us by e-mail scott.rohloff@srphotos.net (so we have a record of it) before the game you would like us to shoot.
  • Make arrangements on when and where the CD can be Delivered
  • Pay us upon receipt of the CD

Why are we doing this? We love Pop-Warner, the coaches, parents, and players. Over the past few years we’ve received multiple requests from coaches and parents to purchase games or entire seasons of photos for a team.

Sports Photography at Your Service

Every year, the Pop Warner season is a special event for us. Our photographers can be found on the field every weekend. Photos from each game are posted on our website. We do our best to get a variety of photos of each child on and off the field. If you would like a photographer to take specific photos of your child during game play, please talk to the photographer on the field or email scott.rohloff@srphotos.net
Please allow 4-5 business days for game photos to be posted.

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